A healthy lifestyle that protects nature shouldn’t be a privilege. But something essential, made available to everyone in the world.


Naturepon is a Melbourne-based team specialised in organic horticulture. By teaming up with other engineers and scientists, we have been able to create sustainable products to empower more people to grow their food. 


With the world’s population constantly growing, smart and safe food production has become ever more essential. To reach a truly sustainable future, the way we grow our food must be improved. Making good use of modern technology and smart organic growing techniques; Naturepon is set to work closely with experts in the field of agriculture, science and engineering to continue achieving breakthroughs. 


Our team is always at the forefront of encouraging environmentally friendly horticultural practices. The use of chemical pesticides and petroleum-based fertilisers are both bad for the environment and our health. Many research has shown organic horticulture to be highly beneficial for the environment, consumers, and growers themselves. With careful planning, it has been proven that farms can grow more quality food with lesser synthetic input.


  To reconnect the world with nature for a more sustainable future