Fish Garden is a self-cleaning, mini-ecosystem that looks after both your fish and plants. Designed to reconnect us with nature, it empowers everyone to be able to sustainably grow their 100% organic fruits and vegetables.


Made for true food lovers and great chefs; Fish Garden is the perfect system for growing the freshest leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, scallions, chilli peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and much more. In fact, the options are only limited by one’s imagination. Get your very own Fish Garden and have it start growing for you!



  • Grows 100% organic fruits and vegetables
  • A closed-loop system that protects the environment
  • A self-cleaning tank that saves time for fish owners
  • Easy to set up, great for beginners
  • Uses up to 90% less water than farms and gardens
  • Perfect nitrification process, healthy for fish and plants
  • Plants can grow up to 4-5 times faster than in soil
  • Grow indoor and soilless
  • Grow all year round
  • No need to worry about weeds and pests
  • No more chemical fertilisers and pesticides

Fish Garden

SKU: AQ0003
  • Dimension: 300 x 200 x 300mm 

    Capacity: 18L 


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